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Economic Justice The Midwest Coalition is dedicated to ensuring the full spectrum of economic, social, and cultural rights in our communities. In particular, the Coalition uses the human rights framework to uphold worker rights and address unemployment, income inequality, and the dismantling of social welfare.
Non-Discrimination MCHR works to achieve equity by utilizing international human rights standards to to promote and protect the rights of all people regardless of race, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, or sexual orientation. The Coalition is committed to identifying and opposing disparate, unequal treatment and discrimination in all areas of our work.
Freedom from Torture and Cruelty MCHR works to eliminate torture, and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment by U.S. officials at home or abroad. Specifically, the Coalition advocates against excessive use of force, misuse of Tasers, long-term sentencing of youth, and segregation and prolonged isolation in jails and prisons.
Immigrant Rights The Midwest Coalition is committed to advocating for the human rights of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. In particular, the Coalition focuses on ending unjust U.S. immigration detention practices.


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